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Read file from boot partition

Read single line:


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  Hardware AIS doesn’t have to be expensive. With dAISy all you need to start tracking ships are a VHF antenna, a Raspberry Pi, and a clear view of the sea. The dAISy HAT is the perfect AIS receiver for …

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Chartplotter and GPS Navigation Software About Chart Plotter and Navigational software program for use underway or as a planning tool. Developed by a team of active sailors using real world conditions for program testing and refinement.   Verified Super Clean …

Raspberry Pi – Software – OpenCPN Read More »

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Raspberry Pi and some connected USB are fine… but not if one or more devices are adressed on another /dev/device on a reboot, your program may break due to not find the correct device. Create Symlinks using PID/VID This only …

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In the days of 2012-2016 it could be a struggle to get a displayLink scrren working, needed to compile the Linux core again with some “udlfb” libs, well….it seems all integrated out of the box these days!, you  just need …

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feh is an X11 image viewer aimed mostly at console users. Unlike most other viewers, it does not have a fancy GUI, but simply displays images. It is controlled via commandline arguments and configurable key/mouse actions. Install sudo apt-get install -y feh

Examples …

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Source: Step 1 As we are already using the command line, we can do that by running the following command. This command will use wget to download the .deb file from TeamViewer’s server. A .deb file is a package file designed for the Debian systems …

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  It is possible to add a flow in Node-red from the commandline using CURL and POST commands: Append flow from plain commandline use this commandline with JSON object to import a flow into Node-red:

you will recieve …

Node-RED – Example – Add flow from commandline Read More »

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Voorbeelden voor het uitlezen van onze multisensors op node-red Multisensor HW v1.10

Multisensor HW v1.10 – Groter en slimmer voorbeeld In dit voorbeeld de functie veel overzichtelijker gemaakt, tevens meerdere gegevens in 1 grafiek gezet. Ik heb het idee …

Node-RED – Voorbeeld – Modbus uitlezen en visualiseren (multisensor) Read More »

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BESTELLEN Thermische printers komen veel voor in Point Of Sale (POS) systemen, veelal zijn ze eenvoudig aan te sturen via Serieel TTL/UART of USB aansluiting. Ze gebruiken geen inkt maar gebruiken hitte en speciaal papier om te printen o.a. voor …

Apparaat – Thermische printer Read More »

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